This constitution outlines the main principles and aims of the society.

You can become a member through the Student Union website for £5 and you don't need to pay the Societies Federation fee.


The name shall be "Warwick Islamic Society", hereinafter referred to as "Warwick ISoc".


We strive to promote a dynamic and unified environment at the University of Warwick, which provides a pure understanding of Islam as a way of life for humanity.


a) To invite all to discover Islam and increase their understanding of the faith.

b) To educate and support Muslims in their studies, whether relating to traditional Islamic sciences, contemporary and historical issues, or academic studies.

c) To develop clear avenues where members can get involved in the Islamic Society to the extent that they desire.

d) To provide a variety of quality services to both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

e) To strengthen the brotherhood and sisterhood by fostering an environment that is conducive to Muslims fulfilling their duties.

f) To constantly review the long-terms strategy of the society, evolving and responding where necessary.

g) To strive to always act in accordance with the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah.

h) To maintain the Islamic Prayer Hall and aid the Muslim Chaplain in providing facilities for worship accordance to his decisions.


a) The society shall aid the Muslim Chaplain in all the dealings of the Prayer Halls. All decisions regarding the Prayer Hall – including, but not limited to, the conduct of Friday Prayers – shall reside in the hands of the Muslim Chaplain.

b) The society shall only provide HMC certified meat to encompass everyone.

c) The society shall remain non-political and shall not take sides in political matters.


a) Full membership of the Society shall only be open to students of the University of Warwick.

b) Associate membership of the Islamic Society shall be open to Alumni, Staff members, and local residents as stated by the Warwick Students' Union.


a) Any person who wishes to become a member of the Islamic Society shall submit their name through the Warwick Student Union website or reception.

b) Application of membership to the Islamic Society shall be open throughout the University session.

c) The enrolment fee shall be decided on a yearly basis by the Society. Those who do not pay the membership fee cannot be considered full members.


a) Any member desiring to withdraw from membership of the Islamic Society shall give notice in writing to the General Secretary who shall present it to the execs of the Islamic Society.

b) Enrolment fees will not be refunded.


a) The Islamic Society shall affiliate to the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) and participate in the activities that it holds.

b) The Islamic Society recognises that FOSIS acts to link the Islamic Societies and thus should not see it as a separate entity.

c) The Islamic Society should always work to help improve the Federation.

d) The Islamic Society shall affiliate to the Students' Union.


a) Executive Officers: The total number of the elected Executive Officers shall be nine and shall consist of the following:

1) Head Brother

2) Head Sister

3) Secretary

4) Treasurer

5) Brothers' Events Officer

6) Sisters' Events Officer

7) Brothers' Welfare and Accommodation Officer

8) Sisters' Welfare and Accommodation Officer

9) Publicity and Media Officer

The total number of non-elected Executive Officers will be three and shall consist of the following:

10) Brothers' HR and Training

11) Sisters' HR and Training

12) Ex Officio Member

b) Term of Office:

a) The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be one full session.

b) All the Executive Officers shall be eligible for re-election, except for the Ex Officio role, Brothers' HR and Training, and Sisters' HR and Training. These roles will be chosen by each newly elected Executive Committee.


a) Head Brother and Head Sister:

i) Shall be the head and the spokesman of the Islamic Society;

ii) Shall preside over all Executive meetings;

iii) Shall be a first point of contact for all interfaith work;

iv) Shall exercise their casting vote.

b) Secretary:

i) Shall keep minutes of Executive meetings;

ii) Shall deal with all correspondence of the Islamic Society;

iii) Shall keep membership records;

iv) Shall keep the records of the activities of the Islamic Society;

v) Shall be responsible for the transfer of all records and information to the incoming committee.

c) Treasurer:

i) Shall collect the Islamic Society's dues;

ii) Shall keep the accounts of the Islamic Society and responsible for raising finance.

d) Brothers' and Sisters' Events Officer:

i) Shall head in organising all events and talks for brothers throughout the office term;

ii) Shall work with their partner officer for all joined events in the Islamic Society;

iii) Shall coordinate with the events officers of other faith groups and societies for all events which are collaborated with other societies.

e) Brothers' and Sisters' Welfare and Accommodation Officer:

i) Shall head all maintenance work to keep the Prayer Hall in a conducive and secure condition throughout the office term;

ii) Shall be the person to contact for any complains, suggestions or reports regarding the Prayer hall;

iii) Shall lead and organise all collections for charity and other collections done through the Islamic Society;

iv) Shall create and release the monthly prayer timetable in a timely manner;

v) Shall be responsible for the queries of members regarding accommodation.

f) Media and Publicity Officer:

i) Shall work with the local community in order to raise awareness of the society's activities and secure support;

ii) Shall oversee and encourage participation of members and other students in all events held by the Islamic Society;

iii) Shall be responsible for creating the relevant media and artwork for society events and causes;

iv) Shall submit one piece of work as part of their manifesto before running in elections;

v) Shall update and maintain the Islamic Society's official webpage as well as other pages under the society such as the Facebook group page.

g) Brothers' and Sisters' HR and Training:

i) Shall be responsible for selecting members for sub-committees of large projects. Projects included are: Ramadan, Freshers Week, Charity Week, and Discover Islam Week;

ii) Shall be responsible for fundraising efforts for the respective causes;

iii) Shall coordinate meetings between the Executive committee and the sub-committee.

h) Ex Officio:

i) Shall be an impartial and advisory member of the Executive Committee;

ii) Shall be responsible for acquiring termly reports from the Executive Committee regarding activities and projects, and a record of minutes from all meetings;

iii) Shall conduct the accountability section of the AGM in which the Executive Committee is questioned about their contributions to the society;

iv) Shall be elected by the newly elected Executive Committee of each term;

v) Shall not have voting rights in Executive decisions.

i) Brothers' and Sisters' HR and Training:

i) Shall adhere in their conduct to Islamic practice in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah;
ii) Shall actively provide opportunities for members to contribute to society events;
iii) Shall oversee the establishment and running of Da'wah and Education Committees;
iv) Shall ensure that all activities are in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.


a) Annual General Meeting

i) The Islamic Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a date fixed by the Executive Committee.

ii) Notices of this meeting shall be given at least 1 weeks before the date of each meeting.

b) Emergency General Meeting

The Emergency General Meeting shall be called at short notice by the General Secretary at the written request of at least 10 members of the Islamic Society or 3 execs of the Islamic Society.

c) The Executive Committee

i) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once per week or less in term 3.

ii) The meeting shall be called by the Presidents or the Secretary.

iii) The quorum for such a meeting shall be 1/2 of the total numbers of the Execs of the Executive Committee including both Presidents.

iv) The Executive committee shall make the minutes of executive meetings available upon request to members.


a) Any full member of the Islamic Society shall be eligible for election.

b) The candidate must be proposed and seconded by any 2 members of the Islamic Society.

c) All the candidates shall be elected by secret ballot using the single transferable vote method.

d) The validity of elections is based on the Student Union Election Quorum Calculator.


a) Each member of the Islamic Society shall be eligible to cast one vote per election.


a) Any member of the Islamic Society may propose an amendment to the Constitution.

b) All amendments shall be submitted in writing.

c) Amendments should reach the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the AGM.

d) Amendments to the Constitution should be passed in an AGM, EGM or GM with a quorum based on the Student Union calculator.

e) Amendments to the Constitution shall not contravene the Quran and the Sunnah.


a) Officers may be 'No-Confidenced' by a two-thirds majority of all Members present at an AGM or EGM with a quorum of at least 30% of all Members.


a) At any point, the Society Constitution can be over-ruled by the UNU Constitution. Adopted on this day, being 6th of December 2016 at the AGM of the Society with a majority vote exceeding the 90%.

If you have any further enquiries about the Islamic Society, please contact us.